2017 Christmas Distribution Requirements

Christmas Requirements

  • Must not have been served the past 2 consecutive years for ANY programs. Meaning if you came for birthdays in 2015 and Christmas 2016, you have been served two years in a row and are not eligible this year. We always start an EMERGENCY LIST for those that are not eligible and are not able to get help other places. Getting your name on the list is not a promise of service until we call you. Most calls are made AFTER we have completed the regular distribution. To avoid this issue at holiday if you know that you have been served two years in a row or more and still are in a financial bind, we urge you to volunteer. Just 10 hours a month will keep your services continuing for another full year.
  • Must live within our service area of Pierce County and the city of Federal Way. (Refer to ZIP CODE chart below)

    98003 98023 98063 98093 98303 98304 98321 98323 98327 98328
    98329 98330 98332 98333 95335 95338 98344 95348 98349 98351
    98354 98360 98371 98372 98373 98374 98375 98385 98387 98388
    98390 98394 98395 98396 98397 98398 98401 98402 98403 98404
    98405 98406 98407 98408 98409 98411 98412 98413 98415 98418
    98421 98422 98424 98433 98438 98439 98442 98443 98444 98445
    98446 98464 98465 98466 98467 98492 98497 98498 98499 98558

  • Referrals from social service agencies outside of these areas accepted on a case by case basis
  • Parent or guardian must show WA ID with a Pierce County Address. We also accept DSHS paperwork, utility bills or a lease in your name dated within last 90 days along with other valid unexpired photo ID. Examples are another state driver’s license or a US passport.
  • Must show at a minimum blue plastic Provider One Card OR a state issued medical card with the Provider One number such as a Molina Card. Cards should show child’s date of birth. This is the only reason we will look at a birth certificate.

    Provider One CardDriver's LicenseMolina Card
  • If parent does not have a Provider One Card OR state medical card that shows the WA number, any TWO of the following items will be accepted:
    • Food Stamp Letter from DSHS
    • State Subsidized child care letter
    • WIC packet
    • SSI Award letter
    • Section 8 letter
  • Social security cards and birth certificates are NOT acceptable as they do not show proof of need
  • Your child can only be shopped for once. If mom shops under her name then dad or grandmother may not shop for same child. You must be the CUSTODIAL parent (We may ask for proof). We only serve foster children that are relative placement. There are many programs available that only support foster children. Contact your social worker or DSHS please. Grandparents allowed ONLY if they are the custodial parent. Must show proof.

If you have questions, please call us in advance. 253-460-6711 or email:

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