Ripples of Hope


We can all close our eyes and imagine what happens when a single drop falls into a still body of water. Ripples are created and they radiate outward and the impact is often more than it seems a single drop is capable of making. Now imagine a steady flow of drops to that same still water. The ripples now continue without slowing down and they end up building on each other and extending to the very edges of the pool. This is the idea behind Toy Rescue Mission – allow us to explain.
TRM operates year-round to help children because those who are in need are not only in need during Christmas but at other important times of the year. TRM operates on a budget designed to keep costs to a bare minimum while ensuring clients and volunteers are safe and comfortable while on-site. Funding for TRM does not come from the government but rather local donors who support our mission to help kids and the elderly in ways that are environmentally friendly and meaningful to those who receive our services.
The goal of our ‘Ripples of Hope’ campaign is to reduce our dependence on local foundations and corporate gifts to cover the monthly expenses of TRM. Of course these donations will continue to be important to support our impact through our various programs but it won’t be necessary to ‘keep the lights on’. Did you know that it costs TRM about $4,000 per month just to keep the doors open? That includes things like rent, electricity, insurance and internet. Asking a single person to write a $4,000 check each month would be a heavy burden and simply not possible for the vast majority of people but instead imagine this – imagine 400 people making a decision to become part of this project by making a monthly commitment of just $10. The dream is that this core group of donors would cover the total operating expenses of the entire organization ensuring the doors of TRM remain open even as corporate and foundations giving varies over time.
$10 per month is intended to be an amount that we hope will work for most people who want to get more involved with TRM. Some of you might consider getting involved with a larger monthly amount which of course is great or perhaps a $10 monthly gift from each member of your household. If monthly giving is not something you can commit to at this time then please consider being an ambassador for TRM and asking people in your circle of influence to get involved – just $10 per month from 400 people and the financial future of TRM suddenly looks very bright.


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Tuesday | 9:30am-6pm
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Open Saturdays by appointment only unless during Easter, Back to School, or Christmas Distributions For all other inquiries, call for appointment

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Toy Rescue Mission
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